Yesterday at school, Lil Miss A kept telling her teacher that she was hungry. As soon as she got in the truck, she told Mr. Burgher, “I am HUNgry!” This same little girl ate a good breakfast and washed it down with milk, got a snack, and a birthday cupcake (sans icing–thank you to that Mama for thinking ’bout my baby!), yet she was hungry.

It made me stop and think about some facts that were shared during my visit to the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank last week.
* 30% of those served by the Food Bank are under the age of 18.
* 7% are under the age of 5.
* Half of all Food Stamp recipients nationwide are children.
Those are some staggering statistics, and it breaks my heart. Here is my child, with access to plenty of food, yet she is hungry. I cannot even imagine how hungry many children in our world go truly hungry on a daily basis. We can stop this plight now, if only we recognize the need, educate those around us, and do something to give back.

Today, I want to encourage you to do something to end hunger in your community, in our nation, in our world. Can you take the Food Bank’s “30 Ways in 30 Days” day 13 challenge of donating your status to the fight against hunger? All you have to do is set your Facebook or Twitter to educate your followers about Hunger Action Month or getting help from a local food bank. I’ll even give you a good one to use, if you’d like. Here you go:

September is Hunger Action Month, and we’re asking all Americans to take action to fight domestic hunger. Repost if you are willing to take part!

Information Source: Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

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