Hunger: A Few Thoughts

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Today, I did not worry about my personal hunger. I am lucky. Not everyone is. 1 in 6 people are suffering from hunger, and that’s a problem.

The moment I got into work for a Staff Appreciation Day and realized I took the last bagel, I at the same time thought, “Good thing I got here when I did”. What was I thinking? Did I forget everything I learned when I joined up with other local bloggers for a #blogmob of the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank last night? I should be thankful there were still donuts for the others to eat and that I did not have to go hungry. I sent my daughter to school with a full belly and two snacks for her 2 1/2 hours there. Others may eat their only meal between now and Monday at a school lunch while I will be enjoying subs, Kennywood chicken, and a baptismal picnic this weekend. My work provided me with an amazing lunch of foods from around the world and desserts out the wazoo. I should feel ashamed for the amount of food that I am sure we wasted today, and guilty for eating when I know others are suffering.

But now, I want to do something about those angry feelings I have toward myself. Last night’s event charged me with a plea for you my readers, friends, and family. We are going to do what we can to fight and beat hunger. Tons of ideas are circling in my head, and I have many amazing thoughts (no guilty ones) floating around in my head for the official blog post about the event last night. For now, let me share some thoughts with you and perhaps spark some insight in your world.

1. The Food Bank is presenting 30 Ways in 30 Days for Hunger Action Month. If you have a Twitter account, please follow them, or if you are a Facebook’er, give them a like so you can hear more.

2. If you are a Pittsburgher, write to Senator Toomey on a virtual paper plate to let him know how important the fight against hunger is to you.

3. If you can’t give of your time, give a little bit of monetary help to the food bank by texting 4HUNGER to 20222 to donate $5 to GPCFB! (Standard text and data rates apply.) (By the way, that $5 will actually give the GPCFB $25 of buying power, more details on that to come.)

4. Keep an eye out here at ‘lil Burghers for more ways you can help the hungry.

PS: If you are suffering from hunger, please visit GPCFB here on the web and find out where you can get help near you. No one should be ashamed of being hungry–we are fighting for you.

Mama Burgher

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