How You Say I Love You

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On a day when my heart was not at work but at home with a sick ‘lil boy, I happened to turn my (usually) motivational perpetual calendar to today’s quote. That’s when I was greeted by this:
love quote john roy
As usual, I know I am reading more into this than I should, but I can’t help but think about how much my ‘lil ones know I love them, and how much I know they love me because we use our words. Perhaps my family over shares our “I Love You’s”, but I seem to like it that way.
Take, for instance, when Evan and I have our nightly “No, I love YOU more!” giggle-fest arguments. It’s clear that ‘lil boy has lots of love for his Mama. But he doesn’t just say it…he shows it with his kisses and need to be tucked in *just* right. He says it the least in these ways.
Or, when Arianna has to be the last one to yell “I love you” before the door is shut (“just a pinch”) at night..or when I am trying to sneak out when leaving for work in the early morning. But she doesn’t just say it…she shows it with random hugs, fresh-picked dandelions, and scribbled pictures. 
Even Greg gets in on the “I love you” game, I worry sometimes I say it too much (like in between every DVR fast-forward break as we are catching up on shows or as we bump into each other in the kitchen making dinner). It doesn’t get old, I can’t imagine it will.But he doesn’t just say it…he shows it with randomly detailing my car, setting out fresh comfy clothes for me after a long day, or surprising me with the occasional note in my lunch box. 
Oh…now I get it. We don’t just say it to those we love best, we show it, too. I Love You is not just a phrase, but a set of actions that show you truly care. Hopefully those I don’t say it “enough” to feel the actions that show I do love them.
Take a moment and make sure those who you love know it…by words or actions. 

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