How To Choose a Pineapple

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We love pineapples around here. Greg decided to do his first ever vlog to show you all how to choose a pineapple. Bonus, he even shows you how to cut it. Tonight, grab yourself a pineapple, cut it, and grill it (like we’ll be doing).

choose a pineapple

How to Choose a Pineapple

What is important? Smell, color, leaf health, “give”, and how the stem and “eye” look are key factors.


In case you’re wondering, our pineapple cutter is from Pampered Chef; however, this post is not sponsored by them. We just love how simple the product makes when it comes to cutting a well-chosen pineapple.

Looking forĀ another option? This one (available via our Amazon affiliate link) is a great choice to core before you cut.

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