How 2012 Rocked

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As we settle down from all the holiday rushing around, I thought it would be fun to list the “best of” and “worst of” in 2012. Overall, this was a great year, but as any family would, it has had UPS and DOWNS!

Let’s get the “Worst Of” going!

  • Getting stuck in Kansas City Airport on July Fourth with little to no idea of when we’d leave, and eventually missing out on our evening plans and fireworks.
  • Customer Service from Toys R Us while trying to get a working toy. Bottom line, defective products should not be on the shelves. All I needed was three batteries, but instead, I lost my mind and drove across the city to find the same toy with the same defect on the shelf and talked to an agent who really could care less if I never shopped there again. Well, guess what. Hrm. Worse yet? He could care less about the freaking lantern. 
  • The HTC Rezound. Admittedly, I LOVED this phone. It really was one of my favorite things, but I was paying for 4G and only able to be on 3G in order to get work e-mail. Then, when Hurricane Sandy hit, it decided it would no longer sync to corporate email except on wifi. Two handsets and lots of visits to Verizon later, I got a new phone that works just fine.
  • Driving through West Virginia in August (construction season) and not arriving in Conway. Traffic pushed our time back about 3 hours longer than I wanted to be driving and 2 hours short of our destination, so we pulled off the highway and searched for a hotel that did not exist. When we found it, I was in line with a hooker behind me at the walk up night window. Marvelous.
  • Our hotel in Kansas City with dirty sheets and no AC on some of the hottest days of the summer. Customer service from the hotel and booking site were not all the great, either, unfortunately.
  • My sprained knee/MCL and pulled hamstring. This put a damper on summer and exercise.
  • Getting stung by a jellyfish—never fun!
  • The Steelers. The Pirates. The (lack of) Penguins. Me finishing last in the RPL against Greg taking 3rd. Sports were just sore subjects this year.


And now, the best:

  • Being able to eat at fast food chains and still lose weight. Subway, Wendy’s, and Taco Bell were admittedly staples in my diet. It is good to know I can still eat with the family and make progress. Beyond that, all three have great customer service and social media response, especially Subway. (I was selected as one of their biggest fans!)
  • Arianna being able to start eating/drinking small amounts of REAL MILK. She seems to be growing out of her dairy allergy, and now the tough part that remains is letting her know that “milk in it” is not always a bad thing. Oh, and moderation. We let the kid loose on ice cream and you would’ve thought it was her first time to eat anything. ‘lil piggy!
  • Customer service from Sears, Southwest, and Verizon when we had hiccups. All three did a stellar job of responding (and I have to thank Twitter for that).
  • Greg’s donations to the Food Banks and Animal Shelters. He’s really been able to do A LOT with couponing and saved us (and others) a whole lot of money in the process. It’s awesome to see.
  • ‘lil Man starting to potty train per his own demands.
  • Filling the back of the Durango with toys for Stuff a Bus, several of which were from Arianna’s birthday party. I cannot wait to see what we haul in 2013.
  • Blogging. We’ve tested out a lot of really great things and met a lot of great people because of this. Thank you for those of you who steady read these ‘lil thoughts here.
  • Pirates Voyage and Blue Green’s Harbour Lights – two great parts of our fall vacation with my parents.
  • Getting to meet Greg’s family in Kansas (and the kids still will not stop talking about Uncle Byron, Aunt Carol, Duke, and Sassy!).
  • Digging a hole in the beach with Aunt Rin and Aunt Li Li.


Share your favorite moments below! 🙂

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