Holiday Lists

This Christmas, I am faced with so many questions of “what are you getting the kids for Christmas?” and “what do they want?” and “what are they asking for?”.

Well guess what? They have everything they need–plenty of clothes in current and next up sizes, lots of food (especially their favorite snacks), and full ‘lil piggy banks. It really feels greedy having them ask for anything.

Santa will surely take care of them by bringing books (ok, maybe they could use a new bookshelf that could hold books and bins of toys). The kids will be filling out this super cute list for Santa, too:



Even with that, I am not sure what they’ll come up with that they want or need! My cousin told her boys a few tidbits that I love–parents have to pay Santa and Jesus only got three gifts, so what three things would they be disappointed if Santa didn’t bring. 

It’s hard to think of lists for the kids when we know so many people are going without. I am struggling because in addition to Christmas, we’ll soon celebrate ‘lil Man’s 2nd birthday and I got flack for ARI asking for Stuff a Bus toys for her birthday…what to do for ‘lil Man?

And then, there’s the mister. I’ve got a few small things up my sleeve and set aside for him, but there’s not much he wants other than bills to be paid and our kids to have giving hearts.

Me, I have a ‘lil list of hints to drop, but honestly I don’t NEED any of it. Actually, I need to update that because I used Amazon credits to get the Lee Brice album back in April and I recently found a phone that I love (surprisingly, though, it is NOT the Samsung Galaxy S3!).

All we need for Christmas is a ‘lil bit of laughter and a lot bit of love. How does that sound?


By the way, if you are searching for a gift for someone special in your life and are leaning to a new mobile device, T-Mobile sent me a fun Wireless Personality Quiz that you might be interested in. Surprisingly, mine didn’t point to the S3! They also have some promotional offers online, at

(I was sent the info above by T-Mobile and chose to share it with you. This post is not sponsored by any of the links above, however. All opinions are 100% my own.)

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