Holiday Gift Guide: Games

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Enter disclaimer text This holiday season, I’ll be promoting some of our favorite finds from the year and sharing them as ideas to include in your holiday shopping via these holiday gift guides. These lists include items we were sent for review, but all opinions are our own.

Holiday Gift Guide Games

Holiday Gift Guide: Games

This holiday gift guide suggests games for all ages!

Happy Salmon

North Star Games brings us a fun, interactive game that gets the family moving and laughing. We’ve shared this game with visitors because it’s a quick “ice breaker” and super easy to learn. Players look at a card and start to say and demonstrate the action on their card. They need to find another player who matches that action in order to move on to the next.

Ages: 6+ | Players: 3-6 | MSRP: $14.99 | WIN IT THRU 12/20 |  BUY IT NOW | BUY EXPANSION PACK


Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?

Did you play the famous computer game as a kid? Now it is available in board game version to share with your bigger kids! Track Carmen around the world – where is she and what did she steal?

Ages: 8+ |Players 2-4 | MSRP: $12.98 | BUY IT NOW


Legends of the Hidden Temple

We’re continuing the ’90s throwbacks with another game from Pressman, Legends of the Hidden Temple (based on the TV show).

Six teams will begin their journey, but only one will earn the chance to enter the Temple and retrieve the lost treasure. But beware – to earn this privilege, you must endure tests of fortitude and intelligence, winning the Pendants of Life to protect you from the dreaded Temple Guards who are protecting the artifacts. Do you have what it takes to take on all three rounds and escape from the Temple in time?

Ages: 12+ | Players: 4-12 |MSRP: $16.99 | BUY IT NOW


Saved by the Bell

Your 00’s babies won’t need to know what happened in the 90’s to play this game – it’s more of a memory game! Players look at cards and have to recall what they see. There’s a special move – freezing time like Zack did – which allows you to take cards from another player.

Now you can relive this classic sitcom and the unforgettable episodes. Once you’ve collected one card of each character or three cards of a single character, you’ve won the game and you’ve been… Saved by the Bell!


Ages: 8+ | Players: 2-6 | MSRP: $19.98 | BUY IT NOW



One of our favorites from North Star Games, Blurble is sure to please your whole family! We sneak in the educational moments by giving our youngest player (age 6) time to think about what he’s learned about his letters. In this fast paced game, players try to spit out words that start with the same letter as the card that’s been flipped over. We’ve found it is super easy to share at parties because it’s easy to explain!

Ages: 8+ | Players: 4-8 | MSRP: $19.99 | WATCH OUR YOUTUBE REVIEW | BUY IT NOW


The Mouthguard Challenge

Greg and I gave this one a try for a stay-at-home date recently. Apparently, I enunciate really well because Greg got almost every phrase I was assigned right! Players wear a mouthguard and have to speak from a prompt on the card. Other players guess what they’ve said to earn points. Our honest opinion? Play with a party of more than 2! 

Ages: 12+ | Players: 2-6 | MSRP: $14.99 | BUY IT NOW


Make sure you pin this list – we’ll be adding as more gifts cross our radar. If this isn’t the list that fits your gift needs, check out our other Holiday Gift Guides here

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