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Anything to make holiday preparations easier is right up my alley, so when Frieda’s asked if they could send me some of their holiday products to try I agreed it was a great idea. They have plenty of options to keep you “cooking up holiday fun in the kitchen without having to spend hours making it happen” like:

1.      Mulled Spices: Mulled Cider or Mulled Wine in a Crockpot or a sprinkle in our coffee grounds for some holiday cheer in our morning Joe.

2.      Crepes : Quick sweet or savory dish for holiday guests

3.      Pine Nuts : Roasted or toasted these are great on salads to main dishes

4.      Meyer Lemons: A sweet and tart addition for baking or cooking

5.      Polenta: A gluten-free and meatless option that doesn’t require a ton of work.

Since I’ve already checked out the crepes and pine nuts, I was able to test out the mulling spices, Meyer Lemons, and polenta. Here’s what we thought of these items (that were all new additions to my kitchen).

By far, the polenta was our favorite. Since I saw it was a “meatless option”, I thought it was a meat substitute, but once I had a pot of water boiling for pasta, I realized it’s really a lower carb/calorie option for pasta. Oops. Still, we had it as a side with pasta for Sunday supper. I decided to cut it in quarter-inch slices and put it on a cookie sheet then in the oven. In college, I tasted polenta and remembered that it was best grilled, so once cooked in the oven, I put a ‘lil “burn” on it in the pan I’d used to heat the chicken. Arianna likes the oddest foods best (like beets), so I wasn’t surprised when she came up asking me for “more of that oval thing” before I even had my own supper plated. Polenta was definitely a hit among us ladies (I love that I can eat half of the package and have less carbs and calories than a standard pasta serving). The guys were sort of neutral on it (but anything really “healthy” takes some getting used to with those two).

The mulling spice fit the holiday season most, bringing in delicious scents of cloves and orange into my kitchen. The suggestion to add the spice to a favorite (hot) beverage is perfect, and gives that “extra edge” needed when you are battling a pre-holiday sore throat (which is bound to happen either due to weather or stress this time of year). I’m interested in seeing what it’s like in wine, but I am not sure I am daring enough to give it a try just yet.

The Meyer Lemons smelled amazing upon receiving the package in the mail, so I was super excited to take one into work and test it out in my water. While I read up on these lemons and understood that they are lighter in flavor than a regular lemon, I was still surprised when it tasted almost like an orange. (I also found out that I am not great at cutting lemons and I would have been quickly fired from my great-grandmother’s restaurant if I’d worked there because of this.) Three days and washes later, my cup still had an “orangey” taste from the eighth of a lemon I put in it. Not my favorite lemon, but that’s not to say I wouldn’t purchase it (because I don’t always want a sour lemon, you know?).

If you are looking for some interesting additions to your kitchen this holiday, check out for some unique ideas using their products. The quality, flavor, and variety will definitely impress you.


Disclaimer: I received the products above in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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