Holiday Card 2012

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Since my job is in metrics and analysis, I thought it would be fun to share with you some fun facts about our 2012 Holiday Card.
  • We sent out 48 cards, but could have sent out a lot more. Thus, for those of you not on the list, sorry, and this digital version will have to do. I neglected to buy enough! Next year, I’ll get 70.
  • I say we “sent”, but only 39 of them actually went in the mail. I was, admittedly, cheap and had opportunities to deliver some in person. Thankfully, people were ok and didn’t pull a Carl (from Mike and Molly) and complain. At least not to Greg’s face. 😉
  • Of the cards that were mailed out, there were 9 different states we sent to.
  • 3 cards were mailed to addresses within our zip code, yet those people live about 10 miles away!
And now, our holiday card greeting:
We have had a full and blessed 2012–trips to Myrtle Beach and Kansas, another year for Arianna at Saint I, watching ‘lil Man grow into an energetic toddler, Becky and Greg enjoying solo trips (scrapbook & Mancation) as well as an anniversary trip to Niagara Falls, continued work with the Tote Bag Project, and chasing after our dogs Rowdy and Shadow. We wish you and yours a very happy Holiday season and blessed 2013. Stay in touch with us at all year long. Sending love and hugs.
The ‘lil Burghers 😉

One thought on “Holiday Card 2012”

  1. thanks for your greeting– altho it went to our old address-502 D Ave, the apt. we were in when we first moved to Grundy Center, Dorthea called us this a.m. a diff. postman who didn’t realize we were in 403 5th ave. (a tri-plex) we got several cards to 502 & the P.O. circles the old address, but by next Christmas that is forgotten! We really appreciate all your posts & esp. photo’s!

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