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Anytime Mr. Burgher or I travel apart from one another, we suffer terribly from the “I Miss You”s. Funny thing is, the first five months of our relationship (and two of the engagement), we lived 617 miles apart. We would travel once a month to be together until he was able to move to PA.

The past few days, I’ve been off making page after page of memories (scrapbooking) with good friends in Denver. The kids seem ok…even though A is mad that she and Daddy couldn’t go on the airplane instead (so much for Lil Man!). While I am extremely happy, relaxed, and full of creative juices, I still cannot wait to be home and holding all three of my loves close.

How do you handle separation from loved ones? Do you have a nightly (or daily) routine that lets them know you miss them while away?

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