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A few weeks ago, Michelle came out to our house to capture “the belly” before we welcome the twins. She happened to capture a shot of Evan that simply melted my heart and reminded me of how much he’s grown but how much he still needs his comfy place.

First, let’s start with a photo she took for his second birthday.

EW-20 (ZF-9680-79174-1-020)
Photo taken and copyrighted by Michelle Hammons | Photographer (2013)

Now this one, three weeks ago at age four. (He wasn’t part of the shoot, but of course wanted to see what was going on…what a memory!)

BW (20 of 22)-(ZF-3442-00269-1-020)
Photo taken and copyrighted by Michelle Hammons | Photographer (2015)

It’s so beautiful how she captures his personality – one that has changed yet stayed the same. Our ‘lil boy sure knows how to find his comfy place and manage to melt our hearts.

Thank you, Michelle, for capturing these moments. We can’t wait to do an all-family shoot with the six of us (good luck at capturing us all focusing at once!). 🙂 If you need a photographer in Pittsburgh, I highly recommend you get in touch with her. (PS – I wasn’t paid to say I love her work – she’s a friend, fellow blogger, awesome mom of two, incredible at what she does, and she goes the distance every.single.time. That’s why we’ll keep going back!)

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