His Calling: Hammock Making

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After a quick demonstration from Marvin at the Pawleys Island Hammock Shops, Greg got to work making “gifts” to give to the kids, Aliyyah, Jess, and Ella. Perhaps he’s found his calling in hammock making?

hammock making

IMG_1285 (Copy)

IMG_1281 (Copy)

IMG_1270 (Copy)

IMG_1295 (Copy)

IMG_1308 (Copy)

hammock making

If you’re ever traveling in the Myrtle Beach area, take a trip to the Pawleys Island Hammock Shops. You’ll find Marvin in his shop outside the Original Hammock Shop where he creates all of his masterpieces.

And just in case Greg’s not going to learn to make me one, he can take a hint that something like this would be something I’d like, you know, someday. 🙂 Life is better in a swing, don’t you agree?

Disclaimer: We traveled to and visited Myrtle Beach and the Shops on our own; however, this blog does include affiliate links which help us take a family of six on trips like this! All opinions are my own.

One thought on “His Calling: Hammock Making”

  1. I’ve only been in a hammock maybe once or twice so I can’t really say whether life is better or not from my perspective but I’d REALLY love the opportunity to find out one day ^.^
    That sounds like a really neat shop to stop by and visit!

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