His Brothers & One of My Sisters

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They don’t know it, but there are two very special boys who I think he considers his brothers. And I totally get it. This boy was blessed with three sisters, even though he desperately prayed for a baby brother.



You are an amazing big (and little) brother that all three of your sisters are lucky to have. You love them all equally (and yet each in their own special way, never will they know that you used to believe Isla was your real favorite).

I get it, Evan.

God gives us cousins for a reason. The boys that I think my ‘lil guy thinks are his brothers are the sons of someone I consider a sister. Someone who is celebrating a very special birthday today. Someone who I consider a sister, even though God made us cousins instead. Just like he did with you and your “brothers”, Evan.

Happy birthday, Jess. This year is just another number and I pray that every year you continue to be blessed in multiple ways. Love you.


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