Here, Fishy, Fishy!

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Remember last week when I told you that Evan’s nighttime potty training was helped by a gift? Well, time to introduce you to the newest, most loved toy in our house. The “Here, Fishy, Fishy!” game from HABA (which you can pick up at Thanks Mama) was used to help motivate him to have a dry morning bed. It worked!


The HABA My Very First Games series helps teach kids basic rules and strategies while having fun. In the “Here, Fishy, Fishy!” game, players (anywhere from 1-4) roll a dice then have to fish for the color of fish that is on the rolled dice. They recommend it for ages 2 and up.

Let’s revisit the number of players. One player can play on their own. Evan has opted to let us all know that this is HIS game and that he’ll be enjoying it as a one player. So much so that before I left on my business trip, he wouldn’t even tell me where he hid it for his own playing so I could take a photo. (And with the time change, I’ve forgotten to ask Greg to help a Mama out, perhaps I’ll update later with a photo!) So, you have to take my word for it and use the Thanks Mama stock photo to see what’s got him so captivated.

Source: Thanks Mama

(That’s probably what Evan looks like playing it, I’d like to hope. He’s definitely not that organized with it, I’ll tell you that much!)

The good thing, even if disorganized, he plays by the rules. Blue die roll = blue fish. We’ll get there, and hopefully he’ll be ready to play a good round of Here, Fishy, Fishy! with me on Saturday.

Product Info: 

This fish-catching game from HABA has wood figures made from beech wood.  Not only is this game fun, but it also makes a great introduction to rule-based games.  To play, each child takes turns rolling a die.  Then the player fishes for the sea creature that is the same color showing on the die.  If the child successfully catches the fish, the child gets a toy related to the sea creature caught.  The first player to collect all five toys is the winner.

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