Her First Day

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As you saw yesterday, Lil Miss A has started Pre-School! Several have asked how it went, so here is your bonus post to tell all. 🙂

The morning started off quiet, she and I got ready together. Every step I took to get ready to get out the door, she felt she had to do. We pretended to put deodorant, perfume, and makeup on her, brushed our teeth in sync with each other, and put on our shoes together.

She posed for pictures and yelled that she needed her backpack on NOW. Mr. Burgher, as always, made her wish his command and captured her usual goofy camera avoidance.

Mr. Burgher and Lil Man wanted to go along with us on the first day, so we packed into the two cars–Mama and Lil Girl in one, Daddy and Lil Man in the other. Since we normally let her eat breakfast on the road, I gave her a plate of cheerios and a banana. This spilled after my second right turn, so I had to pull off and rescue cheerios from all over the backseat (of the new car, meep!). We finally got on the highway and headed toward her school.

When we got to the school, she was bursting at the seams with excitement. She stared down a garbage truck and dared it to defy her crossing the street. We were followed into the school and classroom by another pre-3 student, and she was all about trying to talk him up.

As soon as we entered the classroom, she handed the teacher her backpack and was OFF AND RUNNING. We had to coax her to go hang her backpack up, but those are just the details, there was playing to be had! She seemed to fit right in, except she is so tiny and short compared to the rest of the class who is already 3. We found her birthday on the wall and took a few more photos.

After giving the teacher Mr. Burgher’s number (just in case), we were able to slip out with not a single tear from Mama, Daddy, or Lil Girl. Lil Man was chomping at the bit–I think we are going to have to send him to the 1’s and 2’s next year–but otherwise, we were good to go. She didn’t even see us walk out! Mr. Burgher and I headed to our cars and on our separate ways. Easy!

At 11, Mr. Burgher went to pick her up and she looked thrilled. Her teacher came out with a raincoat (far too big for A) because A said it was hers. (She is obsessed with rain gear, so if you need a birthday idea, hint hint, rain boots (size 6 1/2 or 7) and a rain coat would thrill her.) It wasn’t, of course. They got in the truck and she hugged her backpack tight, proclaiming that she LOVES PRE-SCHOOL!

She presented Mr. Burgher with a picture she drew us (you know, one of those masterpieces we are supposed to hold on to…actually, I should keep it and track her progress through year end now that I think about it), and kept talking about how much she loved school. When I came home, I poured over the take-home folder and swooned at the mass amounts of book order packets were sent home (a previous guilty pleasure of mine from my teaching days). Then I woke her from her nap and all she wanted to do was go back to Pre-School! I did ask if she got into any trouble, and she mentioned something about trouble for teaching (surprise, surprise), so Mr. Burgher plans on poking in a time or two to see if she’s causing any grief. 😉

Friday is her next day back, and she is ready!

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