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hello breath spray and mouth wash

The other night, Greg and I legit had an argument over bad breath (crazy things happen when you are tired and on the verge of being sick). This argument so could have been avoided because I was sent hello mouthwash and breath spray to ensure we have “seriously friendly” breath.

Hello Products were created by Craig Dubitsky, who also designed the now-ubiquitous, egg-shaped eos lip balm. Can’t you tell? The product packaging is adorable and oh, so unique! The breath spray was uniquely designed with “a twist-to-lock function to protect against unwanted sprays, and a raised logo allowing it to be found easily in a pocket or bag”. Love this so much – I am always losing things in my purse and the raised logo for sure has come to my rescue. (As has the twist-to-lock, how many times have you got “gunk” on mouth products in your bag, please tell me I am not alone.) From a practicality side, I don’t love the mouthwash bottle because it’s tough to not spill the liquid when pouring from lid to mouth (and I was worried to travel with it due to the lid not being as tight as I’d like). (As an aside, I also got a bottle of the toothpaste while at BlogHer and at first thought it was lotion – I’ve never seen a bottle like it, but it’s also adorable.)

hello mouth health products
Source: Hello’s Facebook

Beyond the cute packaging, the products have to be practical and tasty, right? Well, they are. Hello is 99% natural and comes in Supermint, Pink Grapefruit Mint, Mojito Mint and Sweet Cinnamint. I got to test the Mojito Mint and loved the flavor. When it comes to the breathspray, it’s been great at keeping my lunch breath (usually spicy) at bay in afternoon meetings. Flavor and function for the win. The mouthwash…I can’t even believe it’s mouthwash! The harsh taste of many mouthwash flavors is just not there – love this. There’s no burn, just fresh breath. (Oops, I swallowed a wee ‘lil bit one morning and I wasn’t worried about rushing to poison control.)

So, next time Greg and I fuss over morning breath at night, I’ll simply suggest he go swish some hello mouthwash before trying to kiss me goodnight. 😉

Hello is available at mass retailers and drug stores. 

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  1. I love the fact that this product is 99% natural and comes in all those delicious sounding flavors! That’s truly unique from what’s out there on the market these days!

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