Hear Her Roar

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This world is going to hear you roar, there is no doubt about that.

I know that almost every single parent believes their kid is smart and amazing, but I certain I have a ‘lil mountain mover on my hands. the other night, she led Evan and I in a ROAR contest, and her’s was definitely the loudest. This is the Arianna I want the world to know.

The ‘lil girl that looks sweetly at babies as we walk around the mall (and counts them as she goes).

The ‘lil girl that draws herself.

The ‘lil girl that can count to ten in Spanish and 26 in English while in the grocery store.

The ‘lil girl that holds her Mama’s arm as she gets dizzy on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

The ‘lil girl that tries to talk her ‘lil brother down from the tantrum ledge.

The ‘lil girl that challenges her daddy to a wrestling match and can actually make some tough moves.

The ‘lil girl that can tell the story of the Three ‘lil Pigs with passion.

The ‘lil girl that is going to grow into a beautiful lady that cares about the world around her, that loves herself with no question, and that makes mountains move. She is definitely going places, and I am glad that God gave her to Greg and I to watch her grow.

This post was inspired by the fact that I am in total denial that my ‘lil girl is about to turn five. I really cannot believe that it’s been that long since we heard her first roars! 

One thought on “Hear Her Roar”

  1. You can tell by just looking at her that she’s quite the impressive and empowering little girl! She’s going to be quite the go-getter as she grows up 🙂

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