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Hey, Pittsburghers. Did you know that currently there are uninsured children and youth in the City of Pittsburgh…to the tune of over 2,000 kids without health insurance? If you have insurance, think about what that means for the parents of these uninsured kids. No immunizations. No medicine when colds last too long. No inhalers for kids who have asthma (or no way to detect that they have it).

That’s scary, and as a mom of a kid who went four months without insurance coverage, I know how frustrating it could be. When Arianna was a baby, I was working as a contractor and couldn’t get her coverage under my “plan”. It took months to apply for assistance, only to be told I made too much anyhow. That meant a 3 month old child went until she was 7 months without immunizations or care for her allergies. Yup, I wasn’t being a bad mom, I was literally holding out hope that she wouldn’t get sick or that the doctors were easy on me when it came to paying bills slowly (which they did, but I don’t know that it could have gone on for too long).

Arianna as a 'lil baby
Arianna as a ‘lil baby

It’s sad and scary, but thanks to the Healthy Together campaign, there is a plan to get 100% of Pittsburgh kids covered by medical insurance. And the Healthy Together team has great backers – starting with Pittsburgh Mayor William Peduto. He’s joined up with Allies for Children, the Consumer Health Coalition, and the Allegheny County Health Department. There has even been a $200,000 grant awarded to the program by the National League of Cities. Check out this video where the Mayor and Pittsburgh parents explain why this is crucial:

A big thank you was delivered to the City leaders and organizations today at the Children’s Museum by MomsRising.org, – the online and on-the-ground organization for moms and everyone who has a mom.

Need insurance for your children or know someone who does? Good news. There is help to get them enrolled right now. Just head over to www.getenrolledpgh.com or call 2-1-1. “A Covered Community is Healthy Together” is one of their mantras, and what a good one to have!


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