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With kids, it’s very easy to quickly fall into the “grab and go” wins of fast food. Unfortunately, these options may not always present the healthiest of dining (especially when you’re trying hard to stay on a weight-loss journey and instill good habits in your kids all while balancing all the things). This summer, I was introduced to Healthy Dining Finder as a way to help me make better decisions for the kids (and us adults) when we have to give in to eating dinner on the go.

Healthy Dining Finder
Source: Healthy Dining Finder

Being faced with the decision of “what’s for dinner” is hard enough. simply makes it easier for parents to make the “what’s the healthy choice” decision by offering selections are nearby restaurants that would be appropriate choices. Here’s how it works:

1. Go to and enter your zip code (I used my work zip code for options to meet up with my family at lunchtime).




2. Review your options from the results. They make it super easy by noting the number of healthy options for adults, choices for those watching sodium, and healthy kids meals. (The options are based on meeting certain requirements. According to the site, “To be listed on the website, Kids LiveWell dishes must (a) meet defined nutrition criteria and (b) contain at least two of the following: a lean protein, whole grains, fruits, vegetables and lower-fat dairy.”)

3. Head to your restaurant of choice and make the healthy selection.

Since I started losing weight, I’ve learned two great lessons to help me be successful – 1) plan ahead 2) give the kids healthy choices, too. Healthy Dining Finder helps me with both of those lessons, so I’m thankful to have it.

There is one thing I don’t like, though. There are not nearly enough restaurants in my area that are either registered with the site OR providing healthy options. Do you know what that tells me? America is not quite on the same page that I am as a parent…but companies like Healthy Dining Finder and their partnering restaurants are on-board and helping us get there. That’s something I can swallow!


On, you can find the Kids LiveWell choices I mentioned, plus:

  • Search for dietitian-recommended restaurant menu choices near you
  • Enter to win $25 restaurant gift cards in the weekly giveaway
  • Find restaurant recipes to try at home
  • Ask our dietitians your own nutrition-related restaurant dining questions
  • Learn more about eating for health, weight loss, specific concerns like diabetes and more
  • Sneak a peek at your favorite restaurants in our restaurant reviews

I invite you to check them out on their site and connect with them via FacebookTwitter and Pinterest for more information, recipes, and fun with food.


Disclosure: I was asked to consider a review of Healthy Dining Finder on my blog and decided to take part. I was not compensated for the review. All opinions, however, are 100% my own.

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