He Prayed for a Brother

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Our sweet (yet all boy) Evan has been struggling with his baby lately. She’s not his brother. He prayed for a brother, didn’t I know that?

He would tell you it was an accident (because he felt very bad about it), but Evan kicked Isla’s head one day. I was feeding her at just the right height for him to flip his foot atop her head from the couch. After I calmed the three of us down (and Ava and Ari stared at us like we were nuts), he told me he was sorry but mad. Why?

“I prayed for a brother and I got two more sisters. Baby B was supposed to be a boy!”

Since then, we’ve talked several times about his cousins who are like brothers. We’ve talked about how special he is to be the only boy. We’ve talked about how much he loves both babies. We’ve talked about how God (and mommy) didn’t fail him because his prayers weren’t answered. We’ve been carrying a baby doll, his brother or sometimes son Stewart, around to make it a little better.

But I don’t buy it that he’s all that mad…because even though he prayed for a brother? He sure loves all three of his sisters.


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