Happy Thanksgiving!

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Our little family is very blessed to spend our third Thanksgiving together this year! Every year has been special, but this one will be especially so.  I have been looking forward to today for 9 months! No, Evan is not about to make his appearance (atleast not at THIS moment).  When we bought the house, I told my aunt we’d be glad to host Thanksgiving (little did I know 2 weeks later we’d get pregnant and I’d be ready to pop).  Regardless, I LOVE Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s all the stuffing or the fact that I can legit put my Christmas decorations out after today? Anyways, I love thinking about our blessings, eating good food, and spending time with family.  We have about 30 people coming over today, there will be 4 generations of McPhersons here for three of our families (awesome)! Also, we get to meet my cousin Aaron’s son (I’d say our little cousin, but he’s a non-stop 10 month old who is gonna give Arianna a run for her money!).  Perhaps Evan will decide to come and join in the fun? 🙂  Can’t wait to see everyone and eat all of the delicious food (mainly I am excited for the three kinds of stuffing…)!

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