Happy Holidays!

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Looking back on 2010, we have really been blessed. A year ago, we were paying way too much rent and I was driving way too far for work. We were lucky to live right down the road from my parents, but were ready to move on to a bigger house. December 26, 2009, we put in an offer on a 3 bedroom house about 15 minutes from my office, and it was almost immediately accepted. We were over the moon, but had to jump alot of hurdles to get to closing day. Our experience was well worth it, because getting the house was the start of a slew of blessings. Just two months later, we would find out we were pregnant with baby #2, who would arrive in time for Christmas. Our little girl would keep getting smarter and amazing us more each day. We were part of two incredibly fun weddings and got to travel to obx, dc, and ontario. We hosted several family functions and enjoyed our pool. And most importantly to us, we filed for a to officially become g’s (a process that completes in just over a week). Sitting here, watching my daughter play with toys from Santa and her grandparents while my husband cuddles our son with our dog at his feet, I can’t help but think how blessed we are. Our lives are fun, simple, and full of love. We may not always have everything we want, or be able to give material things to those we love, but we know that we have a lot. Strong family support. True friends who have been there through the good and the bad. A safe place to live. A job that keeps me busy and constantly thinking. Memories that will not fade. Faith that keeps us strong. And most of all, love for each other that keeps growing. From our house to yours, the Lil Burghers wish you a Happy Holiday season and many blessings in 2011!

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