Happy 2nd Birthday, ‘lil Man!

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‘lil Man,

Today (actually, right now at 1:18 PM) you turn two. The past two years since your birth have been a beautiful journey as we learned about life as “four”. You bring so much joy and love to our world, such as:

  • Patting the back of the person you are hugging
  • Knowing you’ve done wrong and thinking that the offer of  “hug” will fix everything
  • Begging for cookies and treats (like “snakes”, licorice)
  • Thinking Mama will be the best option in water, when reality is Daddy is safer and more fun.
  • Knowing your big eyes are trouble
  • Parroting your sister’s words and actions
  • Loving your Aunt Wink, but knowing how to push her buttons all at the same time 😉
  • Finding your carpet square at story time, and then PLOPPING down
  • Carrying Baby with you everywhere, even though he really needs a bath
  • Waving your Terrible Towel while watching the Steelers games
  • Kissing the books good night

There are so many more ways that your ‘lil lovable self has brightened our world. The past two years have passed by so quickly, and we often wish we could put you in a non-time lapsing bubble. Hopefully your first two years are just a sneak peak of the awesome that you will become as you grow into a “big boy”, teenager, and adult.

Lots of Love,

Mama, Daddy & ‘anna


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