Happy 19 Months, ‘lil Man!

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‘lil Man,

May you never lose your…

-Sparkling hazel eyes
-Love of bacon

But even if you do, we’ll still love you as much (if not more, is that possible?) than we do today.

Today, you turned 19 months old, time is flying by so fast. Each day is a new adventure with you.

Your vocabulary is expanding quickly (tonight you said camera, and you’ve been known to say stairs and ketchup). At the end of almost every day, you tell us it’s night night time and head up the stairs (but tonight you’re up in your room talking away while Sissy is trying to sleep). You demand bacon, and I think you ate Aunt C out of bacon when we visited. We still haven’t found you a favorite show, but you would rather be up and running around anyways.

The past few weeks, you’ve been showing us signs of being ready to be a big boy. You know when you potty, and you pull your diaper off. You sit on the potty, and even say pee. Tonight, ‘lil Man, you even said you needed to potty at the pool. Mama took you inside and didn’t want to sit, but you wanted to stand. I wasn’t fast enough, and sure enough, you had an accident on the floor. It won’t be the first, and it won’t be the last, but I think it’s a good thing that we haven’t encountered any crazy diaper deals recently.

Good thing for us, you aren’t particularly partial to Mama or Daddy, you love us both very much. Your sister is no different–she’s so proud of her Bubby and will tell anyone. Eskimo, butterfly, or tender pecks…you love to give us kisses and hugs.

Nineteen months ago, Daddy and I were ready to be second-time parents. We made it through our first night, listening to your every breath. It seems like yesterday, but it wasn’t. What an amazing 19 months this has been!


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