Happy 10 Months, ‘lil Man!

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Today, we celebrate your 10 month birthday, ‘lil Man!

At your last check-up (on Thursday), you weighed 18 pounds 5 ounces and were 28 inches tall. While you are still under the 10th percentile for your weight, you’ve made awesome gains.

That’s got to be thanks to you starting to naturally wean (sad Mama) and eat more foods. Some of your favorites are yogurt, bananas, plums, berries, and sweet potatoes. We are working on chicken, turkey, and ham, but you seem to prefer the leafy life right now. Puffs are a fun treat, but you can’t wait to get your hands on some of Sissy’s o’s and nachos. Icing, popsicles, and frozen ‘nana cubes make you pretty happy.

Your preferred method of movement is the army crawl. Sure, you still roll and can get up on all fours, but you seem to move faster if you use those arms. When we stand you up by the couch or table, you like to test your balance…but you’re not quite ready for moving on your own.

Toys that you love are Best Friend (your night-time seahorse), balls (either the ball pit style from Pappy or a football), drum, and jumperoo. Your heart is set on getting into the playroom (and playing with the toys Sissy has been neglecting).

You are still sucking your fingers, but you are learning how to eat without them. Cuddling is still a favorite thing for you, too.

As for your words, Dada is definitely your favorite, but you still have a pretty nice vocabulary for a ‘lil guy. (Where is the “mama”???)

Happy, happy 10 month birthday, ‘lil Man! We all love you lots.

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