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(I wrote this on Sunday based off The One-Minute Writer blog prompt site. I am going to include more posts like this off and on—you read the prompt then write for a minute about the topic. How great is that? Here is my first try. I admit—I wrote for more than a minute, but I loved the topic.)

Prompt: Half—When is half enough?

Half is enough when you are down to your last dime and share an MRE with your roommate so neither of you go hungry.

Half is enough when you meet your friends halfway between houses to be fair so that neither of you are traveling too far.

Half is enough when you are stuck in a snowstorm, have gone 7 miles in 3 hours, and your aunt and uncle open their house to you for your safety.

Half is enough when you are trying to live and eat healthy but you just can’t give up the ice cream.

Half is enough when you are part of a true, honest, loving relationship because together you are one.

Half is enough when one of you is working and one of you is a SAHD, giving your children the best they can be given.

Half is enough when your children are half sister and brother but they don’t know any better or care—love conquers all.

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