My Half Marathon Journey: Parts 4 and 5

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Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey

You guys. I had all the things to write last Friday, but my husband had different plans for us that evening. (If you haven’t read about my surprise, you should. He’s such a romantic and I’m so blessed to have him.) The days that have followed have been full of happy, too, but I’ve also had some catching up to do. Thus my results from the last two weeks will be in today’s wrap-up.

Psst…can you believe there are only five more updates until race day?

Training Plan Status

Saturday 3/18: 6 mile run day. I took to the trail again and found a rhythm. This run was pretty steady paced, finding my sweet spots in the 13:17 and 13:34 paces. Most of it was negative splits, too. Distance: 6 miles Pace: 13’25”

Sunday 3/19: Just like God intended, rest day.

Monday 3/20: 3 miles at lunch, 13’10”. Nothing is standing out about this run, but look at that pace change from Saturday!

Tuesday 3/21: I stayed at work a little longer than I planned because I got in a flow. Luckily, the sun was shining and my legs were happy for a run (though my arms were missing YFit). I set my clock to 30 minutes and figured I’d do what I could. There were babies at home waiting for snuggles! Distance: 2.34 miles Pace: 12’54” (I was whoa’ed!)

Wednesday 3/22: Another lunch run, another 3 miles. This one had me jumping up and down at the end. Pace: 12’45”.

Thursday 3/23: DOUBLE DAY. My boss proclaimed it was a great day for work run club. I was able to sort of keep up with them for the first 0.6 mile then I hung back to work on my breathing and ended up catching another co-worker to loop back to the office together. Distance: 2.37 miles Pace: 12’06” That evening I was so glad to be back at YFit…and then Kiera wrote on the board. MORE RUNNING! Actually, I was happy with this, ended up logging about another 1.25 miles and felt GOOD doing it, even if I couldn’t keep up with anyone.

Friday 3/24:  This was stretch day, but Greg had his surprise. We went for a 3 mile bike ride on the trail.

Saturday 3/25: Ran with Greg (he did 5k) then kept at my training plan to finish out 7 miles. It felt AWESOME. Distance: 7 miles Pace: 13’18”

Sunday 3/26: Rest and buffet life.

Monday 3/27: I felt the buffet life impacts. This run was my 31st street bridge loop. Ever since, my shin has been hurting pretty bad (but I am so grateful that Anna reminded me about KT Tape last night – now to find mine!). Distance: 4 miles Pace: 13’24”

Tuesday 3/28: YFit. 1050 single jump ropes. Did I mention my shin was hurting Monday?

Wednesday 3/29: The weather got a little cooler, but I was ready to push my limits. Distance: 4 miles Pace: 13’09”

Thursday 3/30: YFit. It looks easy. I thought it was…then I sweated like crazy. And I was so glad when it was done. But I made some personal gains!


Friday 3/31: Today was a stretch day, but the trail was calling me. Off I went, running in the rain to meet 60 miles for March. Accomplished! Distance: 1.7 miles Pace: 12’56”

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 (+ 34 since my update two weeks ago!)
March Average Pace: 13’21” (-16 seconds from two weeks ago!)
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:55 (+2 minutes from 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What I’m listening to: TKO (Justin Timberlake, do I even need to explain?!)

What’s coming up next? 8 miles tomorrow!


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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