My Half Marathon Journey: Part 9

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Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


Well, here it goes! Tapering is upon us. I’ve slowed down in impact and duration and am trying not to scream every morning that it’s X days until the Half. But I can’t help it, this is quite exciting for me! This time next week, I’ll be at dinner with my co-workers (and Greg), relaxing before a quick sleep and the race. I’m pretty much ready, but need to go for prayers tomorrow and have my dad and mom pray with us on Saturday. Otherwise, I’m feeling awesome – keep reading to hear how this week went!

Training Plan Status

Saturday 4/22: Caught the stomach bug and couldn’t shake it. Sad that I didn’t get my 11-miler in, but my abs sure got a workout last week. Ugh.

Sunday 4/23: Rest and worked a vendor fair for my Thirty-One business.

Monday 4/24: I felt like lightning. Today was a quick three miles at lunch, my normal path along the course that I’ll run next Sunday. This three had me in tears. Is this real life? Distance: 3.04 miles Pace: 12’35” per mile

Tuesday 4/25: Back at it for YFit – and I almost forgot to snag a picture of the board! Don’t be fooled. This one looks easy, but it wasn’t. “Bonus”? I felt my first ever bar blister pop as I walked from the pull-up bar back to my weights. I might have shed a tear.

I was able to do a few burpees without the help of the wall or bench, but 85% of them were heavy modified. 🙁 Bummer. The Thrusters took a lot out of me, then I did 115 on deadlifts – probably my heaviest weight yet! The ab work at the end was painful but in a good way – weighted pilates crunches (idk the real name, but that’s what it felt like), l-sits (I held a bow position on the ground because my hand hurt BAD at that point), and ball holds. Ouch!

Wednesday 4/26: I thought last week was THE run. This was a hot one, but I was not distracted by the sun or my mind. This was awesome. There is really nothing more to say but pray I can get my pace closer to this for race day! Distance: 3 miles Pace: 12’22” per mile

Thursday 4/27: I got to YFit early and stared at the gym. This will be my last time at my Y Box until mid-May due to tapering next week then work events the following week. I’m going to miss it!

Really loved this WOD, and logged 5-minute 800’s. Whoa. I was spent after this but suffered through the 100 weighted sit-ups at the end.

Friday 4/28: I took a walk to clear my mind (I needed it) then did Nerf Wars at church. Lots of steps for the day and not enough time to blog!

Saturday 4/29: My last BIG run before the Half has to suck. There’s no other way around that. And suck this one did. The splits for the first two miles had me soaring, but after that, I couldn’t stay in the 12-minute mile range and went to 13 for two then logged a sad 14 fifth mile. Mile six had me WALKING because I smelled fresh cut grass and onions and I was thirsty and had the barf feeling, so I walked 0.25. This helped, then I poured my heart into the last 0.75 miles that remained and finished that one in just over 13. Unfortunately, my pace isn’t what I want it to be to ring that PR Bell next Sunday, but I think the time in song and prayer helped. And it’s DEFINITELY better than my last long run before 2013’s half – 14’52” per mile (that one was DISGUSTING). ‘lil bonus? I wore my race day shirt!!! Work gave them out yesterday and I had to see how it felt (good, but it’s going to be HOT if the weather is warm).  Distance: 6 miles Pace: 13’26” per mile

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 60.02
April Average Pace: 13’15”
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:35 (right there with my 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? I will do 3 on Monday, 3 on Wednesday. Hoping we can bike or swim as a family on Tuesday and Thursday. Hoping I can do a shakeout on Friday, maybe to the Convention Center to get my race packet. I’m squealing, can you tell?


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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