My Half Marathon Journey: Part 8

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Follow along with me as I share my half marathon journey – I’ll be running my second half in Pittsburgh this May – with weekly updates. (Enter disclaimer text)

half marathon journey


You guys. This week has been a true test. I got the sickness and simply couldn’t deal. Like sat on my bed and cried until I fell asleep couldn’t deal. Eep. Regardless, this Half is happening with or without me!

Training Plan Status

Saturday 4/15: Considering that I was the lone person in my house who had not gotten sick at this point, it took all I had to go for this 10-miler. I didn’t eat breakfast before (fail) and I didn’t hydrate during (because I was sold that if I stopped for my water I would stop for the rest of the run). I just listened to my heart and did what I could! Even though I do not love my pace, I love my stamina. Distance: 10 miles Pace: 13’41”

Sunday 4/16: Rest

Monday 4/17: Sick!

Tuesday 4/18: Sick!

Wednesday 4/19: The run. THE run. This might be the run that defines me as I grow in my running journey. I was super consistent, felt full of breath and life. Distance: 4 miles Pace: 12’37”

Thursday 4/20: I felt winded from my only full day in the office, but it was my BIRTHDAY WOD at YFit. This is the first WOD that I wanted to throw up in. Like had to wave my hand in front of my nose so I didn’t barf bad. Between feeling sick this week and my abs having been through the ringer and the temperature of the annex, I think I was just done. But done did it, all that in 37:28 then followed up with 34 weighted sit ups // 34 burpees (I did one to the ground then knew it was a bad idea so I went to a bench to modify) // 34 Russian twists. Ouch!

Friday 4/21: I’m still under the weather today, yuck.

Current Progress

February Miles (follow me on Nike+): 35.91
February Average Pace: 13:32

March Miles: 60.05 
March Average Pace: 13’21”

April Miles: 45.02
April Average Pace: 13’22”
Current Projected Finish Time: 2:55 (+2 minutes from 2013 pace of 13:13 / 2:53)

What’s coming up next? I’m supposed to do 11 miles tomorrow, but that will depend on how I feel.


If you’re running in the 2017 Pittsburgh Marathon events, let me know. Be sure to follow along on my social media – I’ll be using #fitmomintheremaking #pghmarathon and #runpgh with my shares!

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