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This past week, I was asked (perhaps quite jokingly) by @SallyWigginHair (on Twitter) to write up a blog post about her hair. Well, as a lover of Pittsburgh and my favorite news channel, WTAE, I could never write a blog solely about Sally Wiggin’s Hair (although, it is quite fabulous and has withstood many wind whips, particularly during Super Bowls, and she is one of my favorite news casters!):

Photo courtesy of

Other fabulously famous (or infamous, memorable) hairs include [with a lovely surprise at the end]:

Ben Roethlisberger…

Photo Courtesy of Glitzburgh

Justin Bieber, Photo Courtesy of

Donald Trump,Photo Courtesy of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Chris Kemoeatu, courtesy of Dallas News

Troy Polamalu, courtesy of

Daddy Burgher’s hair and, uh, playoff beard…

And finally, the surprise you’ve been waiting for!
Ari’s hair is quite an interesting mess. My mom suggested cutting trimming it so that it would grow in thicker and faster. I didn’t want to give her the “First Haircut” yet (to me, it’s some rite of passage); however, I gave in and gave her her First Hair Cut Trim last week. It was going great, and we chronicled the event in photos; however, on my LAST snip, she looked out the window and saw a cat (god, I HATE cats) a flung her head. The side of her hair ended up like this:

…last home cut trim ever.

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