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This is a sponsored post about Divatress. All opinions are my own. 

Last night after the twins’ bath, Greg and I got to talking about their hair. Both have really pretty hair. Ava’s is a beautiful brown with super tight curls. Isla’s is almost white blond with some ringlets in the back. Our hope is they keep this pretty, natural hair as they grow, but we know the reality.

They’ll grow up like Mama and not really appreciate or love their hair. They’ll wish their hair was more like their sister’s or their best friend’s or Mom’s. Something. Right? I can’t blame them. I didn’t grow up loving my hair and I sure have made some changes throughout the years.

Well, thanks to beauty products, we women have that right – the right to make a statement with our hair that fits our current mood or style. It makes life fun to change up your look, especially when it comes to hair. Be it an enhancing shampoo/conditioner, temporary color, a hair cut, or a quick change with extensions or an outre hair weave from Divatress; there are so many ways to make your hair fit you. And it makes you feel pretty awesome, doesn’t it?

outre hair weave
(Source: This would be a great way for me to try the ombre look I’d love in the fall!

If you are looking for a new look, Divatress (a leading beauty company with thousands of wigs and hair care products) has options to help you do that before taking the scissors to your hair. They are a leader in black hair care and have many budget-friendly options to help you make a statement with your hair.


What do you love about your hair? Hate? Wish it would do?

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