Guess Who’s Back?

On Saturday, Arianna’s day was MADE.

You see, the Rhinoceros Hornbills have been off exhibit at the National Aviary. This upset Arianna very much.

But all is good now.


And apparently, she also took photos to remember it.


And knows how to talk to them.

And she wanted to go back yesterday. And today. Dear Elephants, I think you better scoot over because there may be a new favorite “animal” in town.


The Rhinoceros Hornbill is back on exhibit at the National Aviary. They had a grand opening of their new exhibit, “Canary Call”, prompting visitors to think about how birds are indicating changes in our environment. It’s frankly awesome, and includes the new, ready for breeding, Rhinoceros Hornbills. Good thing we’re members, because I’m not sure this kid could get enough in one visit.

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