3 Tricks to Change the Way You Groupon

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Have you ever wasted money? It feels awful, doesn’t it? As a family of six, we’re always looking for ways to save money, and Groupon is one of those ways. Problem is, we all too often forget to check them as a site for savings, so I’m going to share with you three tricks to change the way you Groupon and keep money in your pocket.


3 Tricks to Change the Way You Groupon

Trick One: Sign up for their subscription(s), and opt into ones that are meaningful to you.

I like to follow the Pittsburgh listings and then add locations I’m traveling to (opting out when we’re home). You can choose how little or how much you want to get, but I find these emails are at the least a reminder (daily or weekly) to go out and review what they are offering. Since Groupon is always changing their deals, you are more likely to see those one-off specials if they are straight to your inbox.

Bonus tip – If you have a spending issue (like me, which is why I’m trying SO HARD not to spend in August), set up an email rule to put them in a folder and then a calendar reminder to check out the deals once a week.

Trick Two: Use it to buy products or book getaways.

Groupon Goods is a service that deeply discounts thousands of fun items (think birthday gifts or treats for yourself as a reward for saving money). As you can see above, I found a bunch of things that caught my eye today – but if I don’t act fast, they’ll be gone.

Use Groupon Getaways to find a vacation on the cheap at quality locations. Plug in your destination and find hotels, experiences, and even air travel packages. With thousands of options, you just might find your next dream trip!

Trick Three: To get the most value, don’t forget to redeem your Groupon.

While many Groupons will hold the original value you paid, you don’t want your Groupons to go unused. Get the full advantage and spend them when you buy them. I’m preaching to the choir here – I have one for ice cream that I let go past the redeem by date, so now it’s just like a gift card in the value I paid. Had I redeemed in the redemption period, it would have meant two trips for ice cream, not just one!


Now that I’ve shared my tips and tricks, follow Groupon on Twitter or visit them on Facebook. Before you go…tell me…how do YOU Groupon?

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