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There are so many things that I am glad to say I “Got it from my Momma” to. One of those things is writing. And sadly, today, I was reminded of that oh so much.

As I tried to work, I kept refreshing the page, waiting to see what I know my mom had been so lovingly working on with her siblings…the listing of the things my amazing Grandma did in her life. When the page finally refreshed and my Grandma’s, my babies’ “Grammie the Great” or “Great Great”, life story was in front of my eyes, all I could do was cry. I cried tears I didn’t think would come. I cried tears that I’ve had several years to cry, tears that have come on rides home after other times we thought “this was it”. Tears that were filled with the love that this woman showed all of us as a family. Tears because I knew the words were written with so much love and thought behind them – words written by my mom.

When I called my mom a little later, we talked about the words. How there were so many words. So many beautiful things about a woman who had two amazing husbands, seven children, 34 grandchildren, and 22 (so far) great grandchildren. So many memories that we shared with her – church, bingo, the beach. Blurs still come to my eyes when I think of the things this woman did in her 89 years.

God called my Grandma home to be with her Daves and her son yesterday. She passed peacefully, having heard many of us say “I love you” and share our best memories with her over the past few days. After sitting with her for hours, just holding her hand, on Saturday, I know it was all part of the plan and that she’s in no pain anymore.

I didn’t write much about my Grandma here on this blog, but my family sure has cherished a lot of time with her over the past five years since moving back home. We’ve been really lucky to have her in our lives. While the memories may be few here on this page (like this one, this one, and this one), there are a lot in my mind. Grandma was traditional, and a few years ago, I stopped taking pictures at her place because she wasn’t all about our internet lives. But today, Grandma, I hope you are okay that I am sharing your story.

Because I got my love of writing from my mom, who got it from you. And I know that Arianna will have it too. Just like so many other things – our smiles, our eyes, our desire for everyone to be together and to be happy, to do for others, to love Jesus, to be a good mom and wife, to really and truly enjoy life, to remember the little things. We got this from you, and I am so glad we did.

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