Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip

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Enter disclaimer text Ava received a Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip set in exchange for her mommy writing this post.

Glow in the Dark Pacifier Clip

It sounds totally crazy to have a glow in the dark pacifier clip, but in the week or so Ava’s been using it, the invention has found it’s worth in my book.


This pacifier clip set, from Baby Goose, contains three double-sided ribbon pacifier clips. They loop-hook to baby’s pacifier and clip to their close. The bonus? They glow in the dark…so when baby throws the paci out of their crib at night, tired moms and dads can find it easily!

The set of three pacifier clips came in handy just in a week of use. 1) Ava covered one in cheese-ball orange flakes. It was a quick and easy swap from one clip to the other. The hook-knot loop feature that hooks to her neenie (pacifier) makes this quick and easy. 2) She’s throwing it less and her sister hasn’t figured out how to pull ┬áit off her. The clip is sturdy had hasn’t damaged her clothing. 3) When she does get the clip loose and the room is dark, we can quickly find it thanks to the glow feature.

Gifting for someone? This clip set is a good choice if the baby is using a pacifier. It’s cute, too. There’s a themed set for boys and one for girls. Both are two-sided with coordinating prints.

Ava’s happy, so Mama’s happy! (Don’t let her silly face fool you!)

glow in the dark pacifier set

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