Give Me My Hour Back!

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This past weekend we switched to Daylight Savings Time, usually a time of great joy. The days get longer and our moods brighten. Spring really is just around the corner. But, this time around left me begging for my hour back.

While I understand that the hour was technically taken while sleeping, for me it was not. The Mister and I had a night out with a few cousins to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day while the kids were visiting my parents. So, I was still awake when the clock jumped from 1:59:59 to 3:00 AM.

This hour lost has made me feel off all week, and not in the right way. For instance, I am really hungry at 11:00, which would normally have been 10:00. Lunch wouldn’t be for another 2 hours if it were “this time last week”. I want to stay up later, bordering on 1:00 AM (“this time last week”, it was 12). My whole cycle is off.

It makes me wonder if I am forgetting to do something. Sure, I have a list of blogs I want to write, scrapbook pages to be filled, and a Spring Cleaning list dying to get down on paper. My inboxes, both work and personal, are empty with less than 10 follow-ups that are all waiting response from someone else. My Google Reader is current. My “stash” of milk for Evan while in Vegas is quite ready. What am I forgetting?

It has got to be that hour. Anyone else feeling this way?

A bench in our town, taken on my phone just after 2:00 3:00 AM Sunday

One thought on “Give Me My Hour Back!”

  1. Yes, it is terrible. My mojo is way out of line… I am more tired in the morning, which is the worst part of it all because I’m exhausted by the time the sun stays out longer!

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