Give In, You Need a Van

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Four kids. Two dogs. A family that travels. It was obvious quickly that we needed to upgrade our transportation. Give in, you need a van mama.

Now, not every family with twins needs a van. We did perfectly fine when we needed to run places just me, Greg, and the babies. But add in either of the kids and there was just no way the Avenger was going to work.

It all started with a simple trip to the bank to get the balance of our last payment on the Durango. I was handed an ad and the rest is history. A trip to Enterprise Car Sales, four days, and tons of tears (because I’m a REAL MOM NOW) later, we were proud owners of a van.

Greg’s stoked about it. I mean, I give him credit. The van is really cool. It’s got bells and whistles and will get us all the places we need to go and more. It’s grown on me a whole lot.

But any time a parent has to tell themselves give in, you need a van, it’s not the easiest transition. I’ll get there…and every trip we make with all four kids gets me there. Because as a twin mom, having the babies semi-permanently in the middle and the big kids able to get themselves in their back seat is a huge blessing.

And that is a round-about #TwinTipTuesday!

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