5 Things Every Girls’ Week Needs

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Recently, I was blessed to go on a Girl’s Week with my cousins Jess and Ella and some of our friends. We went were we relax best, The Resting Place. Every one of us needed the week for one reason or another. For me, it was for reflection and trying to find some peace with some things I’ve been struggling with. While I may have seemed somewhat absent during the time away, even to those I was there with, I had an amazing time and took away five things (I think) every girls’ week needs.


1. Laughs. There were laughs about oh, so many things. Whether it was asking a telemarketer, “Does your mother know you do this?”, sharing inside jokes (“fun suckers”), interacting with local authorities, getting carded, or laughing at Story Cube tales, every single laugh was absolutely needed.

IMG_1210 (Copy)
Jess and Ella sharing a laugh.

2. A token to hide. This “Green Guy” was a toy we found in the house and decided to hide him randomly throughout the week. There were only two rules. If you found him, you had to take his picture and then re-hide him. “Green Guy” really got around. He lived in our trail mix bar, the coffee basket, hung from lights, checked out seashells, and even flew out of my yoga mat and across the studio floor. I highly suggest finding something random and fun to hide and seek during your girls’ week.

Leaf Man
“Green Man” hiding in my favorite coffee mug.


3. Diversity. We were not all related, nor did we all know each other to start the week. We were not all the same age or generation. Our skin colors were all different. Our jobs and lives were quite different. We came from five different states (although we all did have a connection to Pennsylvania). We all liked to do different things (some of us ran, some did yoga, some drank coffee, others wine). Although diverse, we all fit together like a beautiful puzzle (bonus thing every girls’ week needs).

We each decorated puzzle pieces then put it all together.


4. Food. I think at first some of the ladies were skeptical when I brought up the “Queen of the Kitchen” idea, but in the end, I think it worked beautifully. We had a week, and eight amazing cooks. In order to allow for travel and enjoyment of some of Myrtle Beach’s restaurants, we opted to pair up with a friend and cook a meal together. The food was awesome. There was a glorious Sunday chicken meal, pork, ham, pizza and a Mexican wrap/bowl bar. Desserts and delicious breakfasts. A trail mix bar with our favorite mix-ins. Each ladies’ choice of coffee, pops (or sodas or Cokes?), and a ‘lil bit of indulgence too. We made it a point to gather for dinner each night, sometimes by candlelight, and just enjoy the food and company.

Enjoying one of the amazing meals.

5. Tradition. I am not one to jump on the “let’s do it this time because we did it last time” bandwagon, but truth be told, there really are some great things that we took away from other trips and will take away from this trip to become tradition going forward. Like the Favorite Things Party, where we each brought “one” of our favorite things to give to everyone else – I broke the rules and brought three things.

ladies on beach
I hope we will be like this group of ladies!

I am so thankful to have been blessed with this group of ladies who I can call friends. Every girl needs friends like mine to enjoy a week like ours with.

If you’ve had a girls’ week (or weekend or night), share your favorite parts in the comments below.

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