Ghost Pepper

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While browsing the Pittsburgh Public Market, we sampled various flavors of marshmallows (they really should just be called amazingness) at the Pittsburgh Marshmallow Factory’s kiosk. As you know, we came home with Dark Chocolate Marshmallow Hearts from this trip. What I failed to mention was that I also picked up a Ghost Pepper marshmallow which was appropriately labeled, “Too Hot for You!”.

Silly me held on to the marshmallow for 6 days before trying it, and I decided to do so after having nachos with salsa and hot pepper rings. Oh, and I was home alone with the kids. Since I only had my 2 year old and the phone handy to document, the photos are a little less than desirable, but you’ll get the idea. Here’s how it went down.

I opened the bag and took a sniff. Not bad, I can do this.

I pull it out of the bag and sniff again. Yup, I got this.

Lil Girl, who just ate some hot pepper rings herself, asks, “Mama, can I try? I really want to taste that ‘smello.” Sorry sweetie, this pepper won’t be so great in your tummy…

The microwave dings. I remember that I was preparing some hot chocolate, just in case. C’mon, you know you don’t need it, wuss!”

I conquer the first bite. Seriously, girl, you got this.

I chow down the second. Hmm, yeah, it does have a bit of a burn!

Time for the third. Sweet baby Jesus, 9 pounds 7 ounces, where is my &^%#$@! cocoa?”

He said throw it in, throw it in!!! Goodness this better make it better!

I take a sip. Ah, hell. A asks me, “Mama, you sad?” Is it really evident that my eyes are watering and my insides are angry?

Maybe if I take them out of the cocoa I will be ok? Take it out, now!!!

Oh no, still too much, get milk, milk will help! Not the Silk, you’ll be even worse off…and don’t you dare think about them jalapenos now, girl!

Phew, we do still have regular milk. Get it!!!

I chug it like it’s out of style. More, more!

Then for some reason, I try the cocoa again. Are you not thinking?

Consider the Ghost Pepper too hot for me. Maybe some Chocolate Bacon Cookies would help the burn?

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