Getting Her to Smile

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Every single day, you make us smile (and yell, and scream, and laugh, and make blueberry noises, but most of all smile). The thing is, it’s hard to get you to smile when I think it counts. Like when I want to take a cute picture of you.

Tonight, I might have cracked the code. When I whipped out the camera to take a shot for an upcoming review, I decided to take a picture of Baby Princess Tiana. That made you very happy. “Look at how she smiles for the camera”, you exclaimed. Yes, yes she does.

IMG_6840 (Copy)

After seeing how glorious of a photo Tiana produced, you asked if I would take some photos of you. These shots were silly faces  like this (and these), not quite a smile for the camera, but close.

IMG_6847 (Copy)

You turned the tables and asked to take a few shots of me. I braced myself, remembering the day last week when Evan somehow Spiderman’ed the camera off the island and carried it around the kitchen saying it was heavy for far too long before I realized what he had in his hands. Was I really about to put all that responsibility in the hands of my four-year-old? Luckily, I have a strap (covered in a beautiful print from Marine Parents!) and a tad bit of faith in my kid. I forgot to switch it off manual, but you did a good job anyhow.

IMG_6852 (Copy)

IMG_6853 (Copy)

And when you were all done, you let me take a few more shots. While it’s not the beautiful smile you wear day in and day out, it’s a start.

IMG_6854 (Copy)

Kiddo, I can’t wait to share my love of taking photos with you…now if only we could find that point n’ shoot!

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