Garden of Flavor: One Day Juice Cleanse

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I am sure some of you are here looking for my Pittsburgh Marathon weekend recap. Patience, my pretties. I owe this post big time…and had it written in my email weeks ago. Time to share it! Forgive the past tense references. 

Y’all. It’s been way too long since I have felt 100% myself. The birds are chirping, the temperature is closer to 100 than it is to -100 and relay training is tapering off. There’s a lot of joy and good in my life, but my body just doesn’t feel all caught up.

When I was asked to give Garden of Flavor  (a certified organic cold press juice company in Cleveland) a try, I was skeptical. “My nutritionist would never agree. I’ll just try the Mean Green”, I told the rep. By the time the gift card to buy the freshest juices possible came, my head and heart were in a different place.

Enter my one day juice cleanse with Garden of Flavor. It’s about to get mildly crunchy and personal here, so if you want to drop out now, do so after checking out

I’ve warned ya.

Let me start by saying I do not believe in quick fixes. Losing weight has been a lifelong struggle for me. My recent (is three years ago really that recent anymore?) journey to living well was in no way a quick fix (and I still have some pounds to go). That’s why I shied away from this in the first place. I would just get some greens to keep my antibodies up and healthy before a break from the office (well deserved, might I say). Reading a little bit on the 6 – pack, however, I changed my mind:

“The overall goal of cleansing is to help you feel better and more energized in part by ridding your body of impurities that many of us encounter on a daily basis.”

I may eat about 90% clean, but there are still impurities. And the fact that I cannot break a 5 month weight plateau tells me my body needed a sign. Hopefully this is it.

So, I went to the local store that carried the juices and found the six pack. I took some extra Mean Green Home and decided to try that first…to be sure my body wasn’t going to hate the juice. I set the day of my cleanse and anxiously waited, staring at the gorgeous juices in the days leading up to cleanse day.

Finally, the day arrived. I started my morning with some water with lemon essential oil (to help with the passing through the day). Breakfast without my normal coffee, protein, and whole grain was going to be tough. Once I cracked open the Goji Pineapple, everything was immediately better. I had some pineapple on the side in case I needed a munch. After two bites (and finishing all 16 ounces of my juice), I was way too full.

It didn’t take long for things to start flowing. Within 30 minutes, I needed the restroom, but not “oh, I should not have done this at work” needed. I made it In plenty of time and then sipped on more water (which resulted in another quick bathroom stop about 30 minutes later).

My normal morning snack is around 10, but I wasn’t hungry until 10:30. That’s when I gave the Cucumber Fresh juice a try. It was very fresh (the description of feeling like walking through a garden after rain is pretty much spot on). It just wasn’t enough for my body at that point. You see, I only had about half of my normal breakfasts worth of calories in me. Off to grab a banana I went (with another restroom stop).

Things were feeling good, but I was definitely hungry for lunch. Since I normally consume 1200 calories by the time I’ve had my last lunch bite, I was ready for some substance. In addition to my Mean Green (which I described to Greg as pretty much a bloody Mary without the vodka and lots of green) I enjoyed half an avocado and four watermelon cubes.

I went to get family haircuts, then came back home. Looking at Juice 4, I nodded YES, residing the description that began “Feeling beat?”. It really felt like naptime, but I got an energy boost from the mix of carrots, beets, and lemon in Twisted Roots. I’ve always been the kid who loves Easter for pickled beets and totally would have married Dwight to live on a beet farm, so this is not really a surprise that it was my favorite this far into the day.

At this point, it was 3:00. To recap, I didn’t spend the day on the toilet, but visited twice for the “real deal” and 4 others for basic pee stops. Things felt normal, and although I had cold hands, circulation felt improved.

The “bulkier” of the juices was next. White Knight was packed with protein and served me well for a 5:30 dinner. It was a bit chunky at the end, so I recommend doing some serious shaking of it before consuming. It might look chalky, but it’s not. It’s similar to a vanilla milkshake, and dare I say as good as if not better than some of the protein shakes I drink.

I needed to spread these calories out for my body’s sake, but I was starving again by 7:00. The Tumeric Tonic brought a nice kick to the end of my day. The Lemonade + Cayenne Pepper was a sweet and spicy kick. It had to be what really got things moving in me, because I was quickly in the restroom then ready for bed by 9:00.

And by ready for bed, I mean GET AWAY FROM ME AND LET ME BE ready for bed. I was grumpy mc grumperson. Greg agreed that I should go to bed, and I did.

When I woke up on Saturday, I felt refreshed and clean. The scale showed I was down exactly three pounds (and no inches). While I’d love to say “and it stayed off”, I can’t. The next day was Easter on which we traveled, so I didn’t weigh myself until this past Friday (in the midst of carb loading for the marathon relay and was right back up the 3 pounds).

Would I do it again? Maybe. I’m not sold that juicing is for me. But integrating juices and using them to get in my daily fruits and veggies? Uh, YES YES YES. Garden of Flavor has my heart.

One Day Juice Cleanse

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