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Friendshipping is hard when you’re a kid, but it’s downright tough as an adult. It’s 2017 and I feel like I am learning it all over again, right alongside the kids.

As an adult, it’s not as simple as finding someone who likes the same color as you or also pulls all the cheese and toppings of their pizza. It is a lot of give and take. Coordinating schedules and kids and diets and interests and opinions and political views and relationship statuses. Finding someone who understands that sometimes you might say something awkward, might not return a text for days, might not pickup the phone when you really do need someone to talk to.

It’s downright tough, this friendshipping as an adult thing.

I don’t know about you, but I am constantly seeing streams of happy faces of friends enjoying time together and it makes me wonder – how do they find the time and make it work? 

It’s because the ones that make it work, the ones that meet in the middle and hold your hand, these are the precious ones. They are the ones that get you even when you cannot do anything more than sob into the phone. They are the ones who know when you say you want ice cream get you ice cream. They are the ones who make this adulting friendshipping thing not so tough after all.

Kids – you’ve got built in best friends with each other. Don’t forget that, but find you some real, genuine, loving friends. They may be in your life for a season. You might lose them all too soon. Or who knows, you might still be friends with them 30 years later. Hold those hands tightly.

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