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I am trying so hard not to write about the fact that I am sitting on the couch feeling guilty about the fact that I yelled at Arianna for having a messy room and not listening and now the fact that I actually typed it out. So, I decided to jump on the BlogHer NaBloPoMo train again and write about the prompt because WHY NOT.

BlogHer July NaBloPoMo July NaBloPoMo

Today’s Prompt: Write about the last time you connected with a friend.

The kids were away for the week with Pappy and Grammie (maybe we are still adjusting back, maybe that’s why I yelled at my kid), so Greg and I took the opportunity to meet up with our friends Missy and Tom for dinner. They had recently celebrated their birthdays (young ‘uns they are), so it was great timing.

On a stormy evening, we took a road trip to Clarion (and I tried so hard not to think about the fact my kids were a mere 18 miles away and that I hadn’t seen them in 5 days). We met at Applebee’s, a place we could eat and eat or eat healthy, the perfect combination of yumminess. Missy and Tom got there before us due to the storm, but because we are real, good friends, being late didn’t matter. Don’t you just hate when people sit down before you and order their food while you are running behind? This has happened to me all too many times and Missy never does this to me, one of the 5000 reasons I love her.

The raindrops were beating down, but it didn’t dampen the mood. The four of us, two who have pretty much grown up together (minus those 13 years or so I thought Missy was a spoiled, curly haired brat in our Brookville interim days), and two who really are from opposite spectrums, picked up as if life did not skip a beat. You’d think us girls would be the ones who wouldn’t shut up, but Tom and Greg were yapping away like old ladies. These things make me happy.

Missy & Me circa 2001

Listening to Tom and Greg and Missy laugh, I felt peace and happiness. I wished we could do this more often. I knew that I had two amazing people in my life, in our life. These are the moments I live for, the moments I crave. The hours spent around that table together sure meant a lot. And although we tried to make plans for the weekend, the weather didn’t pan out, but we promise we won’t let so much time go by until the next time.

And I am thankful I’ll have a friend I can vent to about how I just can’t stand how much my kid is like me, stubborn, do it herself, and messy yet oh so organized. Missy will understand and bring me back to earth. We’re just that good to each other.


Now it’s your turn! Tell me about the last time you connected with a friend, truly connected in real life. How amazing was it? Go!

2 thoughts on “Friend Connection”

  1. Great post.  It is wonderful to have friends like that.  Especially couple friends.  It is something I am grateful for too.

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