Friday Night Life

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Last Friday’s Bloggy Moms Blog Dare Prompt was actually quite appropriate to write about, but since I didn’t use it, today would be appropriate. 

What my Friday Night Used to Look Like

* When I was 9…I would have friends over or would be at a Campfire Kids event. We would be hyped up on pop and pizza and enjoying VCR movies, games, crafts, and trying to burp the alphabet.

* When I was 13…My parents would have picked up a set or two of our cousins and we would be having a sleepover. My friends and I would be making them dance to the Spice Girls. 

* When I was 15…I was proving I could stay up all night at a youth group all-nighter. We would sing about our love of God, play volleyball, worry about what the boys were doing, and giggle way too much.

* When I was 17…A football or basketball game would precede a night with friends at one of our houses. Giggling, talking about our crushes, and staring at yearbook photos.

* When I was 20…Enjoying half price food at Fuel n Fuddle (we got there by shuttle from Chatham to Pitt) with my best college friends.

* When I was 24…Dancing the night away at the Beach Wagon or Revolutions with my roommate and her friend Greg.

* When I was 26…Talking all night to that same Greg as we embarked on our long distance relationship and A snored away in her crib.

* When I was 29…Met up with a co worker while we were on vacation…but we were so old and tired that a game of darts and pool and 10 was time to call it a night.

Friday nights sure have changed as I have gotten older…but I happen to think coming home after a chill night out to the sounds of my two ‘lil babies snoring is pretty nice.

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