Friday Favorites: Playing Catch-up

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Enter disclaimer text This round of Friday Favorites is brought to you thanks to some product collaborations with some of our favorite brands. Things have been super busy in the ‘lil Burghers house this summer and we have a lot to share with you!

The Milkshake Factory: Pittsburgh, this summer The Milkshake Factory celebrated the one-year anniversary of their downtown chocolate and milkshake bar. I got to take a friend from work with me for a quick afternoon treat – red velvet (GLUTEN FREE) milkshakes! The celebration was in full swing and proceeds from the day were donated to Beverly’s Birthdays. This delicious store has been in Pittsburgh almost 100 years – so if you haven’t been, you need to get yourself there! Definitely a must visit for out-of-town guests, too.

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow
Watch my pillow unfold!

Snuggle-Pedic Pillow: Ever since coming home from Blogger Bash, I’ve been sleeping better thanks to a bamboo memory foam pillow with cooling features. Snuggle-Pedic has created a pillow that is adjustable for whatever comfort you need – like a lot of support? Ask Customer Service for more fluff (or do like I did and pop it in the dryer for 20 minutes!). If it’s too much, you can adjust by removing some of the filling. As someone who gets warm in my sleep, a bamboo cooling pillow has been on my list and this one is definitely worth it. RUN over to Amazon and get yourself one today!

Gelli Baff
Evan enjoying Gelli Baff

Gelli Baff: The Bigs LOVED taking a bath in something out of the ordinary – gel! With this product, the bath water turned into gel then back to water when it was time to head to bed. We also have a Slime Baff from Zimpli Kids, but we haven’t  given it a test yet. While the Gelli Baff washed right out of the tub, this mama was a bit overwhelmed by the whole process and left it for daddy to clean up the next day.  (Both the Gelli Baff and Slime Baff can be found on Amazon.)

VONDA Sonic Toothbrush: Yinz guys. As much as I drink coffee, my teeth deserve a good treatment. I’ve been getting that from this VONDA Sonic Toothbrush that is rechargable via USB and has 5 different brushing modes. Whitening is my favorite! But honestly, as I told my dental hygenist, two minutes is a LONG time to brush your teeth. With this, you don’t have to wonder. You’re likely under brushing if you aren’t timing it because I LOVE that the timer feature on this (it turns off after two minutes) let me know I needed more attention to my teeth. Another great feature? This sonic toothbrush is SUPER affordable and available with Amazon Prime. Your dentist will thank you (mine did).


Thanks for stopping by to see some of our favorite items of late! What was your favorite? What is something you are loving right now?

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