Friday Favorites: February 23

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*articles may contain affiliate links* It’s been awhile since we’ve shared a Friday Favorites post, but too many good things have crossed our paths and it’s time we start sharing them again!

Friday Favorites: February 23

Eclipse Curtains

November 2016 was pretty scary for us – our ‘lil Ava had an incident with blind cords. When it happened, we removed the blinds and opted to just have some blackout curtains in their room. Now that the spring weather is almost back and the sun is coming up earlier, we’re finding that it’s a real blessing.

blackout curtains The curtains in their room are currently just a boring gray – selected before we knew what the babies would be – so I’ve been thinking that having a set of fun curtains might be a better option for them. I stumbled on Eclipse Curtains’ kids line and sort of fell in love. They are blackout curtains with noise reducing capabilities and in super fun kid-friendly prints. 

That jungle print would have been perfect in their nursery, but now that they’re older, I’m digging the princess print even more! Admittedly, now I want to freshen all the kids’ curtains – wouldn’t you? Eclipse Curtains are available at Target and Kohl’s and come in various prints, styles, lengths, and colors. Panels start at $5.79. 



Disney on Ice: Reach for the Stars

Last night we went to opening night of Reach for the Stars from Disney on Ice. While Arianna might be a tad *old* for it, the other three kiddos LOVED IT. Evan got to see his favorite – Beast – and Isla’s favorite – Rapunzel – showed up, too! Ava is so in love with Mickey that none of the princesses really stuck out any differently than the others…and Arianna just might have cheered up and sung her way through all of Elsa and Anna’s skit.

You can still catch Disney on Ice here in Pittsburgh through Sunday. More details are available in our original post about the event.

Mom’s Running Stuff

Mom has been running (and sharing about over on and making some amazing progress, but that doesn’t come without aches and pains. She’s been foam rolling and applying Deep Blue (om) and even took an Aqua Arthritis class at the Y this week. We are pretty sure that reading Peak Performance did the trick. =) Before we know it, it will be Marathon Weekend! The Bigs are doing the Kids Marathon, Mom is doing the 5k then Half, and Dad is doing the relay. Yay, running fam!

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