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Enter disclaimer text This post, Floofis one such post. 

The kids absolutely love their arts and crafts time. When I brought them Floof, there was no doubt in my mind they’d like. I mean, I did (because mess free fun), so why wouldn’t they?

I was wrong. They didn’t like Floof. They loved it and are constantly begging for time to play with it (at the table, of course). Indoor snow that doesn’t melt? Yes. A bucket to put it all away in at the end of play time? Yes. This toy that is lighter than air was a hit in our house for sure.


What is Floof?

From the makers of Sands Alive!, this new compound looks like snow, feels like a marshmallow, molds like clay and can be reused every single day! It’s lighter than air, soft and smooth to the touch, and easily molds into amazing detail. You need to feel it to believe it!

The bucket of Floof is full of fun. Arianna says, “it’s really smooshy and really cool. It’s really fun to use!” From molding into shapes (our set has penguins, but there are other options out there) to just moving it from hand to hand, Floof is a unique toy for kids.


Like the description from Play Visions says, you do have to feel it to believe it. Check out what Evan and Arianna had to say as they played with it for the first time.

Evan advises to be sure that you have dry hands before playing with it – he’s learned the hard way a few times. 😉


Floof is available from Play Visions and at various toy retailers. MSRP is $14.99+ depending on the kit you select. Check out the winter themes and the s’mores theme! The kids are recommending it be on every Santa list in 2016.


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