Five Friday Faves: Volume 1 Edition 3

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five Friday Faves

Can someone tell me where September has taken itself to? All the sudden, it’s fall and all the things that come with it – like being busy every single night of the week and not having much weekend rest time. Anyone else?

Good thing that quality time living life as a family has given me plenty to tell you about. To keep you caught up, here are a few quick things that have been part of our lives the past few weeks, our…

Five Friday Faves

One. Juicy Juice. There’s this crazy amazing point in time when babies start to be able to drink from a straw and all the sudden running out of the house is no longer a big deal. This time is here for the twins, as shown by their enjoyment of some Juicy Juice boxes.

juicy juice splashers

Not going to lie, I indulge in the Splashers because they are delicious ways to get some juice in my day without all the sugar and calories. (Don’t believe me? Check out my post on Instagram from this morning and tell me you had to go check.)

juicy juice

What is your go to drink for your kiddos?

Two. Speaking of the twins and keeping them happy, we’ve discovered the “Little Journey” brand of baby snacks and products at Aldi. So far, we’ve tested their wipes (love), some fruit pouches, and the yogurt snacks. The girls can’t get enough of these and we go through a bag of them in two days. Okay, again, maybe the Bigs are taking some, too. (I got to test these out as part of the Influenster program – are you part of it? If not, head over on my referral link to get sampling!)

little journey

Three. Football season is back! You know we’re huge fans of the Steelers and Clemson, right? What a great season so far, huh? Yes.


Four. Y Fit. Greg and I have teamed up to battle our bodies together at our local YMCA. On Tuesday and Thursday, we do Y Fit together and it has been awesome. I HATE it in the midst of it (because I feel so weak, but I have to stop comparing this body to my body pre-twins but post-Evan). But I love it at the end. I feel accomplished and good.


Five. The fact that 1) it is officially fall and 2) my Thirty-One business has been a blessing in so many ways already this month. I’ve been able to put smiles on many faces (including my Customers, Hostesses, and family) because of the things this amazing company has done for us in my small business. (If you didn’t know, there’s an amazing special on our #1 product – here’s a link to my site!)



Now it’s your turn! List five things you’re really digging this week in the comments or on social with #fivefridayfaves – will you? Bonus – I’ll be linking up weekly with a list of others sharing five things, so who knows what else you might learn about by visiting their lists. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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