Five Friday Faves Volume 1 Edition 1

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Enter disclaimer text My Five Friday Faves lists will from time to time include affiliate links or products my family received for the blog. 

five Friday Faves

Starting this week, I’ll be bringing a new feature to the blog, five Friday faves. The hope is to share with you some of the cool things we’ve been using, doing, reading, etc.

five Friday faves

One: Vacation Bible School

The Bigs attended Cave Quest Vacation Bible School at a local church this week. It gave Greg a chance to get the yard ready for our fence project (coming this weekend), but also cured some of the when are we going back to school boredom that has plagued Evan’s life since May. Thank goodness he’ll have all-day kindergarten because this boy loves him some school.

VBS was really awesome for the kids – full of glow sticks and creatures. They even had a surprise cave guest one of the days when a real, live bat was found in the church!

Thirty-One Tote

Two: The new Thirty-One Gifts Catalog

The Fall/Winter Thirty-One Gifts catalog arrived on Monday. It felt so awesome to package up goodies for my fellow Thirty-One fans, sharing the new products (from tote bags to purses to jewelry to pillows to wall art). My Thirty-One business truly has been a blessing to our family, and I am hoping and praying to continue to be able to bless others through this opportunity. (If you’re interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, check out my Thirty-One website. I’m an Independent Consultant and love to party with fellow bag-loving peeps!)


ThreeGrilling and fresh vegetables

Our garden is booming with tomatoes. We’ve visited two farmer’s markets. The weather is cooperating. That means we’ve been able to grill out and roast vegetables. It has been amazing.

This coming week, we’ll be canning pickles and salsa – can’t wait to share our adventure there!

magic meemees

Four: Magic MeeMees

The kids can’t stop talking about or playing with their Magic MeeMees. I’m sure you’ve read our post and watched their video, but if not, go check it out. They’re making their lists for the playlands and meemees they need to go with what they have versus what they want to have.

RUN, don’t walk, over to Amazon (click here for “Spark”!) and find some for yourself and your kiddos. They are not staying in stock because these toys are hot. Keep your eyes peeled for more from Future of Play as they get more listings!

funshine bear

Five: Future Plans

I’m a planner, so it’s no surprise that my kids are also planners. Ever since I got home from Blogger Bash, they’ve been planning their toy reviews and how they’re going to make their birthday and Christmas wish lists. Care Bears and Build-a-Bear top their list. Good thing they can make them there, right? We all need a ‘lil Funshine in our lives, right?


Now it’s your turn! List five things you’re really digging this week! Bonus – I’ll be linking up weekly with a list of others sharing five things, so who knows what else you might learn about by visiting their lists. Have a great weekend! xoxo

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