First Day of Pre-K Counts

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It’s been almost a week, but Evan had his first day of Pre-K Counts last Thursday. (Hush. This mama is not dealing with the fact that her baby boy is growing up.)

IMG_0141Just like his big sister, Evan is a pro at this school thing. Unlike last year, he can tell me names of friends and teachers – and that was just two days in. He loves caterpillars (as long as Daddy sends in non-poisonous ones…) and helping take care of the plants. He’s drawing pictures just like Arianna – I’ve got two ‘lil artists on my hands. Well, except for that time he drew Greg without legs (we’re all not sure what that’s about). IMG_0143

He loves that there aren’t naps.

He loves helping his teachers water the plants.

But most of all? I think that he loves getting picked up by mama or daddy and his girls at the end of the day and telling us all about his adventures…and how he can’t wait to go back tomorrow.

And he totally rocked his first day of Pre-K Counts photo, right?


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